Protect Your Lot

There is not a better way to beautify and to protect your asphalt pavement from the damaging effects of oxidation and chemical spills than to sealcoat your parking lot. The Houston climate is extremely hard on asphalt pavements. Southtex Asphalt Services has been sealcoating and protecting Houston pavements since 1974. We have highly experienced crews and our sealcoat superintendent, Manuel Perez, has been with Southtex Asphalt Services since 1987. We pride ourselves on our quality and we don’t deviate from the material manufacturer’s specifications.

A critical aspect of a proper sealcoat application is the thorough cleaning of the asphalt prior to the sealcoat application. Our crews will bring out a power sweeper, power blowers, and hand tools to ensure that the asphalt is properly cleaned and ready for the sealcoat. Paying attention to details is crucial while sealcoating and this is one area where we separate ourselves from the competition.

Sealcoating parking lot at Global Insurance Carrier in Houston
Cutting-in around parking stop, Houston, TX
Get The Best Team In Town

Our crews are experts at cutting in around concrete curbs, car stops, and buildings to minimize the sealcoat material from getting on those objects. Southtex Asphalt crews make sure that the high traffic areas receive heavier coats for longer wear and durability. Our crew members are very conscientious about wind direction and speed to minimize the risk of overspray.

One of the most common compliments we receive about our sealcoat crews is that they are like a symphony. Every one of the crew members know exactly what to do and in what order, without being told. They are truly experts in this field. Let Southtex Asphalt Services, with its over 40 years of Houston sealcoating experience, beautify and protect your asphalt pavement.


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