Parking Lot Paving & Repairs

Paving Houston and State of Texas commercial and retail parking lots

New Commercial Parking Lots Draw In Business For many potential sellers, a fresh parking lot could be just what is needed to close a deal. We help property management companies in Houston. Also retail centers, strip malls, churches, schools, industrial plants and more.

A fresh lot does more for sales than you would think. It shows the customer that you care about appearance. It also shows that you care about their vehicle and tripping hazards.

When you see a rundown parking lot or road, you tend to avoid it. It doesn’t speak well for the business you are approaching. Fresh paving and striping makes it easier. Not only is it smooth, but the striping visibility makes driving much easier. It’s also safer to have proper striping. If “easier” and “safer” aren’t enough, what is?

Professional Quality With The Right Experience

Southtex Asphalt has been paving Houston parking lots for over 40 years. If you head to almost any major business there’s a good chance we paved their lot. We put extreme effort into the precision of our work. Our parking lots are made to last. Maybe you already have a parking lot. Repairs and re-striping can bring life back into it. We can perform all types of maintenance and repairs. If you need parking lot striping, we do it all from paint removal to brand new striping designs.

Parking Lot Paving Job in Houston at Aldi
Floor & Decor Parking Lot Paving Job, Houston, TX


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