New Asphalt Parking Lot

In late October, we did an entire new asphalt parking lot for Pine Valley Bible Church in Southeast Houston. We really enjoyed working with the customer on their Asphalt Parking lot and love seeing their reactions after seeing the complete transformation from old to new. The senior pastor was extremely accommodating to our crew and helped us make the best of the staging challenges we had due to limited space at the church and around it,

A few pictures from the parking lot after we milled out the old asphalt, an action shot of us doing the level up layer, and a picture after we re-striped the lot.

This asphalt parking lot project was just under 20,000 Square Feet of pavement that needed to be removed and replaced. Since we were redoing all of the asphalt and re-striping to the existing layout, we had to remove the car stops first. Before laying down the new asphalt, we milled out the existing and damaged asphalt that was already there. We were able to reclaim three parking spots that were underneath grass that had grown over the old asphalt after we scraped it back.

After removing the old asphalt, we proof-rolled and inspected the base to look for movements in case we needed to stabilize any failed areas. This asphalt parking lot did not have much damage to the base. After that we put SS-1 Tack coat on the perimeter edges and then installed an average of 2 inches of Type-D Hot Mix Asphalt. After the new asphalt was installed, we rolled and compacted it, re-striped the parking lot to the existing layout and put back the car stops.

Top left picture is us milling out the old asphalt parking lot and hauling away the old material. Top right picture is a view from the street before we re-striped the parking lot. Bottom left is our crew laying new asphalt paving for the level up layer and bottom right is a pic of some parking spots that were re-striped.

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